Monday, September 3, 2012

The Best Gift

I come from a family that was close but not too crazy or over the top when it came to birthdays. We did not have to buy each other elaborate gifts because we loved each other. My parents would not buy each other birthday gifts because they did not need to to show their love for one another though things.  It was apparent in their day to day life. They had good friends and they shared quality time with my brother and I. When my mom wanted something special, she would buy it and tell my father. That seemed like a great arrangement to me. Although we had a rich life, I would not say that my mother was extravagant. She bought her clothing at Marshalls like everyone else that I knew, she watched the sales, and we ate creamed tuna, a lot. It was not the memories of traveling that come to mind but the simple days of cruising around the lake in North Andover on my father's motorcycle, or going out for Crepes with my mom in Boston when we could ditch the boys and go shopping.

I now have my own family and a group of the most fabulous friends that anyone could ever dream of having. I have deep and meaningful friendships with many women. Something many women would dream of having. I know these women to be true friends. I don't need to name them because they know who they are. I even have women in my life that I don't see for many years that are as dear to me as they were 15 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago. For some reason, I keep friends. Once I make a girlfriend, I always have them dear to my heart. There are a few male friends that I have as well. I will always love them. Friends that I played music with, snowboarded with, or husbands of my girlfriends ( all exes now). They are are a part of the whole deal.

I miss my extended family, ( aunts and cousins from my father's side.) It seems there is never enough time and money to keep up with these folks but I love them dearly. Of course I would love to see my mom's family, but I have not kept in touch with them as much....Then there is my brother, his wife and their two beautiful children. I am grateful to have such a caring sister in law and little bro...My sister in law and nieces and nephews from my husband's side of the family and my wonderful parent's in law. Sometimes I have struggled with those relationships but I still love them and am very grateful for all of their love and support through the years. They are the best grandparents and my father in law has been instrumental in being a spiritual guide for me and my children, especially Jade.

Lastly I want to tell my children that they never need to buy me a present. They have given me more joy than I could have ever though humanly possible. They are waiting for me to take me to breakfast right now. Aja is paying! My children are loving, bright kids, who amaze me with the things they say, the friends they choose, and the creative things they do.

My life has been rich, very rich and I can only say, I love you all and hope to see you very soon! jessica

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