Friday, October 28, 2011

My friend-Jamie Jo

My friend Jamie Jo smiles through it all. She is gracious. She is cool. My world is better with her in it!


Bleeding heart liberal. What's wrong with that? What is wrong with caring about whether your student ate dinner last night? Or if the couple in the city market parking lot with the scrappy looking dog have eaten in the last few days? Or if the ocean is being poisoned by crude? Or if people can get proper health care? Or if the fire department /police department has enough money to function? Or if schools are crowding students in like swine because of budget cuts? If bleeding heart liberal means you should care about the environment, people, and human rights, then so be it: call me a bleeding heart....

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Peace and quiet

     I worked at the radio station from 6-12, went to work out and play with Sage at the pool from 12-3, went grocery shopping from 3-4 and worked at home untill about 5. Then, Sage my six year old boy and I put on Allison Krauss live at Union station on the cd player and relaxed on the couch. We just lied there for an hour listening to the music and not doing much of anything else. I watched the trees and flowers sway in the breeze and sang along to songs like,"Forget about it" Sage fell asleep on me and it was heaven. One hour of peace and quiet with my little sweetie.Big blue eyes, silver teeth, and dirty blond, hair all up in my face. I won't forget it because I have a hard time staying still and just being. It won't be long before he will be too cool for mom. So today, I just want to remember that we were blissfully happy, sharing smiles and clapping out beats to Allison Krauss.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Which Literary Heroine Do You Resemble?

 As I was pouring cleaner on the floor in flood like quantities and mopping it up with my bleached out oversized beach towel with my feet, it hit me, "I'm just like Pippi Longstocking!" If I had the scrub brushes to attach to my feet, I would clean that way!

Pippi likes traveling to exotic tropical places, I like traveling to exotic tropical places!
Pippi hates school, and plutification, I hate school, and plutification.
Pippi does not observe the rules of social society, I have a difficult time with those same rules.
Pippi keeps strange hours and has original ideas, I have original ideas and have a hard time keeping normal hours as well.
Pippi has mismatched socks, oversized shoes and a funny hairdo, ditto.

Do you think the HOA would let me keep a horse on my porch? Or a monkey for that matter?
I always related to Pippi and think that Astrid Lindgren would be surprised to see that a modern day Pippi exists.
So tell me, "Which Literary Heroine Do You Most Resemble?"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mistakes Were Made.....

   I am a horrible self critic, a double Virgo if that gives you any insight. However, some of the mistakes I have made as a professional DJ are just plain hysterical. My first day as I was pre-recording the weather, in the country station, A listener called me at 6:05 AM to say," Alright, I 've had it with the weather report, I want my cowboy show back."I had the studio mic on and not the audition mic. That was my first day.

On my second day at the rock station, the main computer shut down, and I thought I had somehow caused it "Throw on a CD," the engineer suggested through the phone. I don't know how, no-one showed me the buttons. I sat quietly and figured that one out. It took a minute before I threw on a Tom Petty CD and the engineer re-programmed the computer. Ten minutes of dead air wasn't so bad.

Last week when I programmed the weather report for the night shift, I hit the wrong button and my test weather from the Winter played over the air. Yes it was July and The weather report called for six fresh inches of snow....

Yesterday, I said, "Hope your having a good Sunday", until a listener called to correct me, "Uhm Dear, It is Saturday." Yes it most certainly is....

This week I trained to do the sports games on the AM station. You have to listen carefully and push the right buttons when the innings are finished. I was panicking. Baseball is somewhere between a slow dose and a really good nap for me. However, I pulled it together, and didn't make any mistakes on my first game. Go figure...

I realized that with live radio, anything can go wrong. But as humiliating as the mistakes are, I would not change a thing. I love live radio and I know that I keep on improving every week, and that my mistakes aren't so bad after all.

We'll see what happens next week on my show. Hopefully, it will be smooth sailing, but you never know...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Marian McPartland, Piano Jazz and Me.

   Ok, So every Tuesday night, at 6:45, I make an excuse to go to the store. "We're out of milk", or "I need some lunch stuff for the kids" Then I get into my car, hustle to town and park the car in the City Market parking lot. I go into the store and get some raspberries or whatever I fancy. Sometimes I just get a tea and then I go back to the car and put on NPR, Piano Jazz. I get swept away to another time and another place. I love this music, and the way Marian Macpartland seems to know every jazz song ever written. She can play them on command. I love her voice and the way she gets her guests to play really well.

Why do I go away to listen? Two reasons. One, there is no reception at my house.  Two, kids. Enough said. I can't hear a lick. When I get back from the store, I never have the groceries I set out for, but I have a head full of music and one hour that I steal away just for me!

I am a simple person, I like the sun, water, music, and anything to do with the sun, water or music. Thanks, Marion for bringing such joy to my world-Jessica