Sunday, July 24, 2011

Peace and quiet

     I worked at the radio station from 6-12, went to work out and play with Sage at the pool from 12-3, went grocery shopping from 3-4 and worked at home untill about 5. Then, Sage my six year old boy and I put on Allison Krauss live at Union station on the cd player and relaxed on the couch. We just lied there for an hour listening to the music and not doing much of anything else. I watched the trees and flowers sway in the breeze and sang along to songs like,"Forget about it" Sage fell asleep on me and it was heaven. One hour of peace and quiet with my little sweetie.Big blue eyes, silver teeth, and dirty blond, hair all up in my face. I won't forget it because I have a hard time staying still and just being. It won't be long before he will be too cool for mom. So today, I just want to remember that we were blissfully happy, sharing smiles and clapping out beats to Allison Krauss.

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