Monday, July 18, 2011

Which Literary Heroine Do You Resemble?

 As I was pouring cleaner on the floor in flood like quantities and mopping it up with my bleached out oversized beach towel with my feet, it hit me, "I'm just like Pippi Longstocking!" If I had the scrub brushes to attach to my feet, I would clean that way!

Pippi likes traveling to exotic tropical places, I like traveling to exotic tropical places!
Pippi hates school, and plutification, I hate school, and plutification.
Pippi does not observe the rules of social society, I have a difficult time with those same rules.
Pippi keeps strange hours and has original ideas, I have original ideas and have a hard time keeping normal hours as well.
Pippi has mismatched socks, oversized shoes and a funny hairdo, ditto.

Do you think the HOA would let me keep a horse on my porch? Or a monkey for that matter?
I always related to Pippi and think that Astrid Lindgren would be surprised to see that a modern day Pippi exists.
So tell me, "Which Literary Heroine Do You Most Resemble?"

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