Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Marian McPartland, Piano Jazz and Me.

   Ok, So every Tuesday night, at 6:45, I make an excuse to go to the store. "We're out of milk", or "I need some lunch stuff for the kids" Then I get into my car, hustle to town and park the car in the City Market parking lot. I go into the store and get some raspberries or whatever I fancy. Sometimes I just get a tea and then I go back to the car and put on NPR, Piano Jazz. I get swept away to another time and another place. I love this music, and the way Marian Macpartland seems to know every jazz song ever written. She can play them on command. I love her voice and the way she gets her guests to play really well.

Why do I go away to listen? Two reasons. One, there is no reception at my house.  Two, kids. Enough said. I can't hear a lick. When I get back from the store, I never have the groceries I set out for, but I have a head full of music and one hour that I steal away just for me!

I am a simple person, I like the sun, water, music, and anything to do with the sun, water or music. Thanks, Marion for bringing such joy to my world-Jessica

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