Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week one update

My journey back to health began with some advice from my doctor and my mother. My doctor suggested that I simply eat less and exercise more and my mother advised me not to eat any white food: rice, potatoes, bread, etc. So with that in mind, I stopped eating those foods, just like that. I bought some running shoes and I've been a few times. Today, I will run three miles. I avoided all of the end of the year parties at my school and did not host a foods day in my class, like I usually do. I can breathe better and my attitude is better. Last night, I dipped my finger into the frosting of my kids cupcake. It was from the yellow carrot. Key lime, blackberry, hello. Other than that my new diet seems manageable. Now, I need to cut down on portion size, and late night eating after 7 pm. I think that I will drop 30-40 lbs by September 3, 2012. That is my goal. I have all summer to do it. Because I am a teacher, I don't work too much over the summer months. Although, I will work on the radio a few shifts a week and pick up some catering gigs. So, I know I can do this, I was not ready to worry about my health because all I could worry about was how to teach in five different class rooms with five different preps. Very difficult with AP Senior English, Pre-AP Freshman English, ESL, Theater and AP World History. Now this summer, I will focus on my kids, my health, and playing guitar as much as possible.

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