Sunday, May 13, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are

I cracked my eyelids half open to find my seven year old son in bed with me with a copy of Where the Wild Things Are this morning. I read it thinking about the interview I had heard with Maurice Sendak on NPR. He explained that the Wild things were his Aunts and uncles who were ugly and freaked him out a bit with their bad breath and yellow eyes. First I read the story, then Sage read it. He loves the pictures in that book and frankly my heart just breaks looking at Max in the wolf suit with my mischievous boy next to my side, reading the tale. Then, I scratched Sage's back and he sprang up to make me coffee and breakfast.

Next came the presents: Cards, homemade gifts from school.

Sage was so proud of the jewelry box and cards that he had made at school. What a gift.

Happy Mother's Day to all, we are off to go running and then go build a hoop house at the community garden. I will keep my eyes open for the visual blessings in Colorado and the joy the day will bring.

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